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Well, I follow South Beach Diet, so I can do most of my shopping at the wet market w/ occassional visits to "pak gai" or Wellcome.

Problem is, the goods available vary so widely from shop to shop, even in the same chain.
For example, I go to one PnS to get low-fat cheddar, I go to another one to get the cheap Dairy Farm brand of cottage cheese and yoghurt (full fat).

Almonds - really gone up in price. Lately I have gone to the wet-market & bought plain cashews and roasted them at home.

Meat & fish & poultry - get at wet-market or super-market

Dairy (milk) - I buy the UHT skim, usually it's cheaper at my closest Wellcome than my closest PnS.

Fake sugar - some Wellcomes sell Sweet-nLow - my husband dislikes Equal.

Olive oil & Balsamic - bought a bunch at Jusco.

Veggies - usually at wet market except for Romaine - sometimes at Great in Kowloon Tong, sometimes at Jusco & a new place (too expensive for many items, but not lettuce) called "Marketplace" that just opened in Kowloon Bay.
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