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Originally Posted by teaser
What's described in the study is an initial visit to the clinic, then a later follow up. So are we working from just two measurements of HBA1C? What percentage of people with a right on the high end of normal HBA1C at a single visit just went through a month where there were more office birthday parties than usual, or something? An occasional 5.8 in a non-diabetic with no real risk of diabetes isn't that unusual. Two screenings five years apart weren't that predictive--getting screened at every doctor visit doesn't need to be predictive, it simply measures what's going on.

Concur. As with many things that get published, the data on which the "findings" are based often don't rise much above anecdotal speculation.

If you have a borderline A1c, the response should usually be, "Okay, this is a bit higher than normal, but that may or may not mean anything. Let's check it again in six months to a year and, if it's still up, we'll monitor it even more closely and discuss what, if any, actions we'd like to take."
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