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Originally Posted by SabreCat50
"A new study indicates that the condition might be less of a worry than once believed."

I find this statement absurd. Yes, if the person reached a certain age before the numbers crept up, okay: but it's not good.

Originally Posted by GRB5111
When people start exhibiting symptoms of Metabolic Syndrome (MetS), and I was one quite a few years ago, there are actions that can be taken to completely eliminate those symptoms; yet, there are two problems that cloud the issue today. The first is that these symptoms are treated as separate diseases rather than symptoms of MetS that can be controlled and eliminated through targeted lifestyle changes favoring foods consumed first. Doctors freely prescribe drugs encouraged by highly profitable Pharma that never treat the root cause and often cause damaging side effects.

It is amazing how many chronic conditions are Metabolic Syndrome; when it's all the same condition.
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