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Originally Posted by BawdyWench
It's sad, really, that the ranges keep getting lowered so that they can get more people on meds. I think the normal reading for cholesterol used to be something like 250.
Same with blood pressure. People even get put on BP meds for having "White Coat Syndrome". My sister & I had to be very persistent to get my mother taken off them. In assisted living she often felt light-headed on BP meds + low-salt diet, but after she fell & hit her head, we brought her home to live with my sister. With weekly visits from nurses who took her BP in the comfort of home, they found both numbers to be dangerously and consistently low. Two even went out to their cars to get their child-size cuffs to make sure the fit wasn't the problem. Her BP was also measured before, during & after PT & OT sessions. It did rise a bit with exercise, but still was way below normal, all because of the meds. The doc only let us take her off the meds because she was being monitored weekly by RNs with additional measurements by PTs & OTs.
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