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Originally Posted by GRB5111
This article is not controversial, but the situation could be represented more accurately, particularly when A1C levels have been gradually lowered to represent pre- or full T2D over the years. Similar to how high blood pressure confirmation has been lowered from 140/90 to above 120/80. The long shadow cast by pharmaceutical giants lurking in the background is quite clear.


How one navigates through this jungle without doing their own research to go against the grain is baffling and alarming.

Regarding the first point, hubby recently got his first A1C and it was 6.4, very top of the range for pre-diabetes, with an average level of 137. His doc loves prescribing meds and I told hubby that he needs to get back on the LC wagon pronto to avoid meds. After the test he got a note from his doc saying his level was "fine" and that he can lower the number through lifestyle changes. Hallelujah!

Your second point about doing your own research is spot on, except that some people wouldn't know where to start other than by talking to their doctors or listening to TV commercials. A lot of older adults are not computer-savvy and are unable to delve into these issues. It's sad, really, that the ranges keep getting lowered so that they can get more people on meds. I think the normal reading for cholesterol used to be something like 250.
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