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My thoughts are Susan Weinberg was already taking 2 drugs for HBP, a statin, and another drug for Osteoporosis. She had the classic symptoms of Metabolic Syndrome. The HbA1C reading should not have been a surprise. People with these symptoms travel down a path leading to T2D eventually unless they change lifestyle, which starts with foods consumed.

This article is not controversial, but the situation could be represented more accurately, particularly when A1C levels have been gradually lowered to represent pre- or full T2D over the years. Similar to how high blood pressure confirmation has been lowered from 140/90 to above 120/80. The long shadow cast by pharmaceutical giants lurking in the background is quite clear.

When people start exhibiting symptoms of Metabolic Syndrome (MetS), and I was one quite a few years ago, there are actions that can be taken to completely eliminate those symptoms; yet, there are two problems that cloud the issue today. The first is that these symptoms are treated as separate diseases rather than symptoms of MetS that can be controlled and eliminated through targeted lifestyle changes favoring foods consumed first. Doctors freely prescribe drugs encouraged by highly profitable Pharma that never treat the root cause and often cause damaging side effects.

The second is that the ADA message is still quite unhelpful and by its lack of a strong message communicating actions which can be taken to control this condition. This dynamic leads to a very confusing cascade of contradictory information based on false beliefs supported by the medical, nutritional, and pharmaceutical communities. How one navigates through this jungle without doing their own research to go against the grain is baffling and alarming.
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