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Originally Posted by ojoj
Working on that theory. I know of several people who've had the recommended treatments and die anyway - long, slow , painful deaths. Trying low carb as well or instead of, seems the better option to me

Jo xxx

This can become an option, and a research path, if we demand it.

One of the things that has always freaked me out about current cancer treatments is that they are themselves carcinogenic. How can this possibly work, long term? Why are we so stubbornly stuck in these methods that were not that good in the first place? Refining a lousy system only makes it less lousy. It cannot change its fundamental lousiness.

If cancer is of metabolic origin, and there's a lot of pointers indicating so, we have a route to much better outcomes. We don't have consistently good outcomes with our present system. That's a clear sign that we are on the wrong road.
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