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Originally Posted by Doggygirl2
I have read your story and many of your posts many times. I admire your continued success maintaining such a significant weight loss for such a long period of time. The fact that you have had a small regain doesn't take away anything from your success in my view. I hope one day I can figure out weight loss and maintenance as effectively as you have!!

Thanks for the encouragement Doggygirl2! While I am a little disappointed in the size of the weight bounce after reaching goal, I do recognize that this current effort has been very different from all the rest. Every other significant weigh loss effort dating back to the 1970's resulted in gaining all the weight back and more within a small window of time following the "Diet". Making this a lifestyle change kept that from happening again. I just hoped that it would be enough. It's not. So I'm happy that I've kept 80% of the weight off for 5 years. But I will be much happier if I can inch back down to where I was in 2016.
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