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Originally Posted by GRB5111
I have thought about what I'd have to do to my WOE if I were to go vegan. It's a lot of work. Supplements are essential and the consumption of the vegetable protein that can be readily used to preserve or create lean mass is a very important choice. I understand the ethical concerns and respect those who choose any WOE as an overall health objective. However, and my view only, those who choose to be vegetarian or vegan solely due to ethical concerns must work hard and research how to stay healthy, as being what one considers to be "ethical" without understanding how to eat correctly is hardly a ticket to good health and may very well be a ticket to chronic disease and a short lifespan.

I also believe that people who eat a vegan or vegetarian diet out of ethical concerns should expand their view of ethics to include all the animals who are killed or whose habitats are destroyed by large scale agriculture. We all live on this planet earth and are complicit in the destruction of our habitat (there are many human practices that either presently or ultimately harm humans or both) and the habitat of the many other creatures who inhabit this planet. Ethical concern for all living beings must include all our practices. There is not any way we can't leave some foot print but we can be mindful of the foot print we leave. I eat meat but I am mindful of the practices used to raise and slaughter the animals I eat. I have multiple food sensitivities and can't eat legumes. Getting sufficient protein on a plant based diet would be impossible for me yet I see the way I eat as ethical in light of my circumstances. A tunnel vision view of ethics that included simply avoiding meat (especially if it also includes disparaging people who eat meat and engaging in other harmful practices) reflects a very limited view of ethics. By thinking carefully of how we each live our lives, we can each determine how to live ethically that is suitable for our circumstances and also take in the needs of other beings on this planet.
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