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Originally Posted by teaser
It's possible for a vegan diet to be not the worst diet in the world. Damning with faint praise...

... one problem for some people on a "plant-based" diet is that they just end up with a plant-based SAD. It's possible for a plant-based diet, at least with supplements, to be better than a standard American diet that includes meat, but SAD without meat is probably worse, not better.

I have thought about what I'd have to do to my WOE if I were to go vegan. It's a lot of work. Supplements are essential and the consumption of the vegetable protein that can be readily used to preserve or create lean mass is a very important choice. I understand the ethical concerns and respect those who choose any WOE as an overall health objective. However, and my view only, those who choose to be vegetarian or vegan solely due to ethical concerns must work hard and research how to stay healthy, as being what one considers to be "ethical" without understanding how to eat correctly is hardly a ticket to good health and may very well be a ticket to chronic disease and a short lifespan.
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