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THis lack of good nutrients is an over looked crisis. We appear to be a land of p lenty but in fact our plates are mutrient poor. Even the land is becoming depleted of minerals as farming is loosing land to development ( houses) and the same farm land is used over and over, and never replenished and rebuilt. THis is why I have become convinced that a multivitamin a day will fill the gaps in the food sources.

Our AMerican society has become a glut of poor food, at every turn my kids are handed crappy food because that has become the new normal. Start with school lunches, boy scout events, church suppers, candy bar fund raisers, spaghetti dinners at the fire house...... In any given month, the amount of crap my kids gobble up is disheartening.

As for:
"Hidden hunger" is widely recognised in the developing world and is being addressed by well-organised and large-scale bio-fortification programmes. Hopefully the challenge offered by the rise of veganism will help drive a focus on hidden hunger in the West.

What does this all mean????????
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