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Very interesting to read an article about the issues related to vegan diets despite some of the ill-informed claims:
For the record, eating a plant-based diet may lower the risk of chronic disease and is good for the environment.

Far preferable to the usual claims of farm animal flatulence ruining the climate, this quote is merely a naive, unfounded fantasy. What is purposely ignored are the farm practices that result in runoff choking our water systems, the leaching of soil at a major level requiring chemical treatment to replace soil nutrients, the energy required for preparing land for growing, maintaining, and harvesting, pest control measures, not to mention the severely nutrient-depleted produce that results. How can this type of system be sustained as a long-term productive, healthy solution for the masses??? It must be acknowledged that there are issues that must be resolved for feeding the world, and no dietary approach gets a pass without recognizing, confronting, and resolving the broad health and availability issues associated with it. Quotes like the one cited above can no longer be blindly accepted without vigorous challenge.
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