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There's a guy at work who was at one time an accredited personal trainer. He let his certification lapse, though, but is working to be accredited again, at a higher level or something. He's young, probably early 20s, and says he's been lifting for half his life. He's definitely got a bodybuilder physique.

Anyway, his dream is to help train average people. He says he has no interest in training athletes or bodybuilders, just the average person who wants to get into better shape. Not only that, he says he'll come to my house to train me! I live about an hour away from him, so that's huge. It would be in the privacy of my own home, since I have all the equipment he would need. He should be accredited by around June. Even if he could come just once a week, he could keep me motivated and working out in the proper form. So hard to look at a book or video and try to figure out if you're doing it right.
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