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Welcome..seems that you have found a road to better health with low carb. There are many low carb diabetic bloggers, resources, etc..look around threads here for more support.
If you don't follow Dr Bernstein's Diabetes diet, using all of Dr Davis's rules (no grains, no sugar, 1 serving dairy) may give good BG control as well. Wheat Belly Diet has been called "Paleo Lite" as he tries to make his plan a bit easier. He has some good bread substitutes in his cookbook, and on his blog. I also use this site's recipe and cut this Flaxbread into squares and freeze, but as with any food test your reaction to these recipes. Too much also stops weight loss for me. If you are really into baking, Peter Reinhard's Joy of gluten free and sugar free Baking has great library has both these cookbooks.
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