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Default First time in a bathing suit since childhood

Yes, it was the weight. And the ways bathing suits used to need constant monitoring and always seemed to have a strap that cut into me somewhere. Of course I felt terribly exposed even in a one piece. (And the vigilant shaving required!)

Bathing suits are so better now, and come in a variety of mix and match styles. I am older but (thanks to low carb) slimmer. And I'm sunbathing and swimming this summer, at our town beach.

Whatever size you might be, I urge you to get over the trauma of wanting to be out there looking like a swimsuit model. The real ones have a whole crew working to make them look like that. And even then, it's airbrushed!

Instead, I met other people in suits, and no one cares what we look like. We're just here to have a good (and healthy) time. No swimsuit models there

I am currently at a weight I have not seen since the onset of puberty. This is the first time I am able to "go to the beach" and have a normal developmental experience.

It really is fun. I will not deprive myself!
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