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Hi everyone.. people seem to like this idea, so I'm bumping this thread.. the following is from my original post...

I'm kinda in a funk/rut, call it what you will.. not every day.. and it's not TOO bad, but for a very "half full" person like me.. it's time to make some changes.

I'm trying to shake things up a little, so I'm thinking part of my challenge will be to do something I haven't done before either weekly or bi-weekly. Doesn't have to have anything to do with food or exercise.. could be a play, hot air balloon ride, ANYTHING.. so I'm looking for ideas. It could also have to do with food or exercise.. dance class, learning a receipe (currently I'm good at breakfast and suck for everything else).

Small or large.. what are you doing to shake up your life a little and step out of your comfort zone?

This post started back in 05.. here are some of the things I've done since then:

Learned to dance ... 5 time amateur World Champion in Country dancing (it includes waltz, swing, cha cha, polka, two step and a couple of others)

Hot air balloon ride (this is AWESOME and I'd recommend it to anyone!)

Got a divorce.. didn't really plan or ever imagine I'd do this one.. but I wanted more than a roomate, so I left.

Fired my phone company and cable company.

Traveled to Italy, visited castles, stayed in a medieval village, and learned how to make Pasta from scratch.

Still occasionally paying for the person behind me in the McDonalds drive through.

These are the new ones:
Left my job of 24 years, took early retirement, and became a free travel consultant and a dance instructor.
I help people take the best vacation for their budget.
I help people learn to dance!
Check it out...

Oh.. married on February 2nd to a gal that is amazing. We met dancing.
I now have 11 grandkids! (well, one didn't cause the

I dance a lot but I eat more so I have to get BACK in shape.

3 river cruises.. Danube, Paris to Normandy, and the Rhein

oh.. and the other day made a mushroom dish that was awesome... will have to look back and see if it was low carb.

Every change begins with a single action...

Mike the Travel Guy

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