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Originally Posted by tess9132
I will buy this book because I'm wondering what else I could be doing. Thank you for posting.

All of you are welcome.

Going gluten free did a lot to turn down the pain meter on my own arthritis, but finding out there is gout in my family led to to trying some black cherry supplements: and it got better!

Another strategy that might help everyone is getting the kind of dry gelatin which you can stir into any beverage. I use Great Lakes Gelatin (Pasture-Raised Grass-Fed, Collagen Hydrolysate) and really like it.

It might not be true for everyone, but the book talks about Omega 6 seed oils, and I know I'm sensitive to that. So out go ALL the store-bought dressings: I'll have to make my own.

Of course inflammation is key. And carbs are what lights the match.
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