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Originally Posted by Ms Arielle

How much easier could this cost control be than to change our way of eating. What if 50 % of the people in just the US no longer needed type 2 diabetes medications of any kind?

This is a key point that underlies all the political posturing and arguments regarding health in our world today. The medical system is structured to accept this "lifelong disease" by the standard protocols of medication, ill-advised dietary recommendations that lead directly to requiring insulin at some point due to the fact that the metabolism is broken, and then putting faith in those who are clueless and part of the medi/pharma machine to support this highly expensive approach until the afficted's death. Arthritis is a component of this broken metabolism with uncontrolled inflammation running rampant. Imagine how much better people's lives would be and how much larger pocketbooks would be by embracing the realization that these symptoms and diseases can be managed by lifestyle changes.
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