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THanks for bringing this book to our attention.

It is the kick in the pants that I needed. As in my family we have fallen back into the ways of bread, pasta and all the related foods. Just easier to go with SAD is my only excuse.

Previously I had read or listen to pod casts that also support VLC as the way to improve and probably prevent the meriad of health problems that plague our society.

I beleive that it is DIET that is driving thee ill, and hence is the cue. Yet all I hear is bickering about how to reduce health care costs by tackling the extreme high prices that the US consumers pay compared to other countries with negotiated costs.

How much easier could this cost control be than to change our way of eating. What if 50 % of the people in just the US no longer needed type 2 diabetes medications of any kind? Heard yesterday on the NPR broadcast of a new program that will look at food/ carbs as an option-- well it is about time!! The trailer spoke of the recent rise in insulin costs. I cant imagine the actual price as I bought a 10 ml vial some years ago for a cat for $100. That was a wake up call that cat food built on cereal grains is NOT healthy food for a cat. Grains have infiltrated all areas of our lives....

Thanks Wearbear for the title. WIll try to find it.... and find my way back to vlc.
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