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I tried to watch this.

The first patient was a woman with PCOS, and though they didn't do the usual thing of blaming her weight, and got it right about insulin being the primary cause, they then failed by prescribing legumes, veggies and 'healthy' whole grain pasta, bread and rice. This is bizarre, as its not even controversial that PCOS requires a low carb diet - even my endo, who's pretty useless acknowledged that! At the end they stated her testosterone levels were the same after 12 weeks - well duh, with all those wholegrain foods!

I was planning on giving up at this point, but decided to fast-forward to the diabetic - who they told that the cause of his diabetes was 'fat in his pancreas blocking insulin production' (at this point I was into full Tom Naughton style 'Head. Bank. On. Desk.' mode) , so they put him on an 800 calorie a day meal replacement plan for 6 weeks - this guy was supposedly eating 5000 calories a day of processed rubbish, very high carb, so 800 calories a day will dramatically lower his carb intake - but obviously going about it entirely the wrong way. After the 6 week plan they then put the guy on a low calorie diet. Grrrrr.

Then to top it off, they approved soy for the breast cancer patient! Serious, serious fail. And also told her to avoid saturated fat. They didn't suggest DIM, and failed to mention keeping glucose intake low, recommending a 'mediterranean diet'.

I won't be watching again - just the same old dogma wrapped up with a new bow, with some dangerous advice chucked in - I mean, with breast cancer you want to keep estrogen lower - why on earth approve soy, which can raise estrogen levels.

And what will the diabetic do when he finds his blood sugars rising when he goes from 800 calories a day to a high carb low calorie diet?

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