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Originally Posted by Meme#1
Very deceptive how it's grouping fats with cakes and biscuits.

I know. That jumped out at me. These days there's actually very little saturated fat (if any) in most cakes and cookies unless you make them at home with butter.

Also, this was very inaccurate:
That said, saturated fat isnít as straightforwardly villainous as was once thought. That's because it is only one of several dietary factors affecting heart disease risk, all of which are interrelated.
Actually, it doesn't affect your risk for heart disease at all--at least not negatively, which is what is implied.

My parents are very caught up in the "saturated fat and red meat will kill you" mentality. Recently my Dad said something about it and I said that it turns out that's not true at all, etc. He just went to "Well, our doctor says..." Rather than getting into an argument, I just went home pulled a bunch of studies, some good articles from Nina Teicholz and others and gave them to him next time I saw him. About 24 hours later I got an email that said he and my Mom had changed their views on saturated fat and would be speaking to their doctor about it.
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