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The Vitamin D Council has had some editorials explaining why, after telling the pale segment of the public they should stay out of the sun, the medical establishment are ducking the research which indicates this direly affects a humanís vitamin D production.

This has serious developmental effects. A lot of the research focuses on autism, but this affects every human, not just the neurodivergent ones. This part of research has enormous gaps, because any symptom in someone who is autistic becomes attributable to their autism, while someone without this diagnosis has more conventional, and more precise, diagnoses of which system is dysfunctional.

But it doesnít matter, because there are studies on multiple sclerosis which shows this disease decreases the closer one gets to the equator. But that gets lumped into the MS category, and they ignore the bigger picture. Again.

These Vitamin D editorials outline the barriers to new research which so radically contradicts previous advice. And how humiliating that would be to the present power structure.

So, like saturated fat, they draaaaaaaaag out these revelations, giving the impression that research dripped in and they adjusted on the fly.

When it is actually a deliberate slowing down of these insights.
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