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Originally Posted by Jandy01
Wow...I am so appreciative to everyone who responded to my cry. It is very hard to be in such a low place and not feel that anyone else understands. When I typed that post I was thinking of just giving up trying. I was almost....almost ready to accept that I was going to binge eat my way to 200 pounds or more.

You have all given me some very practical advice. I am seriously going to think about what everyone has said and find some starting point for getting on the right path. I just keep telling myself that I can't start another year like this. I mean 2015 is almost here and I am stuck in the same place as when 2014 started...and 2013, 2012..... I don't want to do this again. Thank you all so much for sharing! I really mean that. I really do!

I came back here to read through my old posts. I did exactly what I said I wouldn't do. I ate my way up to 200 pounds. 7 years later. What I wouldn't give to be 165 pounds now.
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