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Originally Posted by FatBGone17
People frequently underestimate you often assuming because you are overweight you are also sedentary. Their surprise (shock) at your physical ability gets old in a hurry.

I was in a bike shop last summer and had one of the new employees try to steer me away from road bikes toward an upright "fitness" cruiser with a big, cushy seat and a riding position like a bar stool. He became very skeptical when I told him that I have been cycling for years and ride many 100+ mile events and belong to two cycling clubs, one of which is operated by the shop we were in.

I had another individual outright call me a liar when I was talking about having put over 3,000 miles on my road bike in a year. "If you ride so much how come you're still fat?" Hmmm . . . could it be that I eat too much?


I was on a thread once (not here) and I had mentioned my height/weight and that I have done 3 triathlons...I GOT BASICALLY BULLIED OFF THE SITE FOR BEING A "TROLL"!!!!!!!

I post videos REGULARLY on my FB page of Fat people doing ALL SORTS of amazing things...Ballet, Marathons, Surfing...everything you can think of and my caption is always "never underestimate the Fat Kid".
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