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I used to call them "Carb Bars" but they only have 1 to 3 carbs, so I started calling them "no-carb-bars" even though it isn't correct.

If you go to and click low-car/keto they have quite a selection.

I make an order before taking a trip, and try different brands each time. That way when they pass the expensive, high carb, low taste meal on the plane, I can pass and eat my "no-carb" bar and a handfull of nuts. I call it emergency food.

I can't recommend a particular brand because I don't eat them often enough to have a favorite. It's one vacation per year, and some years I might have to take an additional long car trip, but I can usually pack enough food for that.

When eating at restaurants, I tend to stay away from big chains, fast food ones especially. If I can find a small, privately owned restaurant (and I have a few in my neighborhood), I go there.

My band is small business, and I want people to hire my small business, and I figure it's 'do unto others' -- plus I usually get better food and better service.

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