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He says, "Without oversimplying... " and then proceeds to do nothing but oversimplify. The food companies are nothing but evil conglomerates whose sole goal is to line their pockets by intentionally making everyone obese. The reason Nestle doesn't make his broccoli rabe is because no one would buy it.

If I'm making widgets and the red widgets sell much better than the blue widgets, is it any surprise that I'm going to make more red widgets and may drop the blue widgets altogether? Does that make my motives evil greed?

Did they add fat to sugar because they knew that the fat masks our ability to say no, or did they add fat to sugar because people like it and said, hey, this tastes great, I'll gladly buy this.

They didn't make hydrogenated fats in order to make people unhealthy, they made hydrogenated fats so that things didn't spoil as easily. As with many things, the downsides weren't known at the time and were only discovered much later.
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