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Default High-fat Atkins diet beats the calorie counters-The Times

The New England Journal of Medicine studies have been reported on the Atkins vindicated thread but I thought that this article in the prestigious UK Times worthy to highlight. It is by Nigel Hawkes the Health Editor


On the same full page coverage today 22 May 2003 was a piece about Jeni Ayris an Edinburgh cafe owner who was the Atkins volunteer in the BBC1's Diet Trial . In 6 months she lost 35 lbs. She put 5 lbs back on but is still below her starting weight.

Nigel Hawkes second piece suggested that men find the Atkins diet easier than women, probably because it sets no limit on meat. It gave a a brief description of the essentials and gave the web address.

We are coming in from the cold!

The study was also on the main news last night and on breakfast shows this morning.

So good coverage in the UK. Tabloids and talk shows hype it as a "celebrity diet" Referring to Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt, Renee Zellwegger, Julia Roberts and ex spice girl Geri Haliwell
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