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Default Re: Atkins Diet May Be No Better Than Just Cutting Fat

Originally posted by gary
"The average weight loss was greater in the low-carbohydrate groups than in the low-fat groups, but the difference was no longer significant at 12 months in the trial in which follow-up lasted that long," said James Ware in an editorial in Thursday's New England Journal of Medicine (news - web sites), where both studies appear.

I do not consider a 61% difference to be "insignificant." Half the participants dropped out. I wonder how the drop outs were distributed by diet. Also, these people were only 50 pounds ON AVERAGE. They could have been half 10 pounds overweight and half 110 overweight for all we know. Also, I doubt they asked eating habits (Pre-Atkins). All of these are necessary to properly select and assign participants. They need to have equal proportions of women/men, carb addicts/fat addicts, etc...
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