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I set a big personal record today with walking.

So far I've walked as much as two laps. I swear this park path is a little longer than quarter mile, because it has quite a few more steps and takes longer than other tracks that are officially a quarter mile, and this one doesn't have any spec on length -- it's just 'sidewalk around outside of park' and park is a weird rounded triangle shape as it's where five streets meet. It's about 0.33 miles per my measure with steps. Must stop a rest a few times. Was hoping today I could do at least 2.25 rounds because that's about the distance to dad's house I am going to walk this evening.

TODAY I did something different:

1. Instead of doing this fasted, right before I walked out the door I did a scoop of CARNIVORE SHRED protein powder workout formula in water

2. I got music onto my phone, offline access, my iphone headphone jack converter and earbuds, and had music.

I managed to walk more than one lap before I even needed to rest a bit, which was awesome. And then, at the end of two laps, I thought, I can do this! I can do 3 laps, I betcha!!

So I'm on lap 3, planning to go to van when done, and this dude, maybe in his 60s, asian -- I think japanese, and does not speak english hardly at all -- he's wearing this incredibly vivid tie-dye shirt that looks like something someone else bought him LOL -- is walking past me, and he tells me that I must do four laps, and that will be one mile. Or rather, he conveys this -- his english is so limited that this took a bit of wrangling between us to make clear.

He was being friendly and encouraging, and I felt walking-path-shamed hahaha so then I had to do FOUR times around because damn if I am gonna look like a wimp in front of anybody. He looked like one of those dudes who despite being older and a bit heavy, could probably do some crazy leaping spinning kick to the head if necessary. The next time he passes me, he shows me this paper napkin in his pocket, and he is tearing it just a little each time he does a lap, so he doesn't lose track of where he is in the 16 laps he wants to do. Oy!

And I made four laps. I had to rest a lot on the 4th in particular -- but always standing, and slightly in motion back and forth, when doing so. I got through Til Tuesday and was a couple songs into Pink before that happened. But I was out the door by 7:21am (sunrise officially) and I was back home at about 8:20am, about 8-10 minutes for vehicle/driving time.

I can hardly believe the difference that doing the drink and having music made to the walking experience, and even how far I got. I tend to get lost in daydreams, silently mouthing the lyrics, and then realize I've walked a whole bunch. That's pretty awesome.

Hoping to do deadlifts (kettlebell) and squats (sumo kettlebell) today on the weights.

Yesterday was 'push' day. I basically just did every kind of press I could, except I left out Arnold press just because I had others, I'll do that one next time, but I have to use uneven weights 'cause my left arm is so weak. I did DB overhead presses, dropsets from 15 to 3# as many as I could for each, BB overhead presses (could only do 1 set of 26#), and landmine incline presses (could do 5 sets but only on right arm cause it's 48#, of course that's easier on LM but way too much for left arm).

Tonight at 5:30 I leave to walk to my parents' house, and hopefully it will not be the misery it was last Sunday, when it was nearly 3x as much as I had ever walked before. Today I walked nearly twice that far already! Yay.

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