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If new to The P:E Diet and Optimising Nutrition, adding these interviews for beginner explanations from my journal. New members can no longer register and access the journals.

ADDING : PODCASTS aand YOUTUBE, a Beginner List

In 2010 when I started LC, podcasts were new, but to sustain my commitment to daily walking, I paired exercise with a morning news podcast, the weekly Wait, Wait PBS show, and whatever I could find in LC health and nutrition, like Underground Wellness and The Caveman Doctor. Now we are overwhelmed by choice! but I have heard most every interview with Dr. Ted Naiman and Marty Kendall.

Marty has his own podcast, interviewing nutrition thought leaders and successful members of the Optimising Nutrition Community, and he is interviewed by other podcasters. The channel with Dr. Ted Naiman is both a podcast and YT channel. On YT, the important concepts were also divided into shorter segments, e.g. The Personal Fat Threshold. The entire "Low Carb Confessions" interview is very good

The following list of podcasts are helpful for someone new to looking beyond LC. Dr. Naiman is often interviewed by the Bro Bodybuilders, e.g. Muscle Intelligence and Ketogenic BodyBuilding podcasts, but this list are more basic starting points for understanding the concepts of the P:E Diet. Both of those bodybuilding shows are good, cover protein percentages, why more protein if older and overweight…but long and possibly too much biochem and talk of "ripped and jacked" for the typical member here. If you do want to watch them, on YouTube, they have detailed subject time stamps or transcripts.

Dr Naiman advises 1g of Protein per pound ideal or reference body weight for all ages, children to seniors. But if you are senior as I am, it may take a concerted effort to hit that goal, and protein becomes more important, not less. If you are a bodybuilder or exercise heavily, then consider increasing P to 1.5g per pound. The PE book includes simple ways to personalize the macros. To start I used his one page meme below, but now add optimization of nutrients too.

All Dr Naiman podcasts/video interviews with the DietDoctor podcast are excellent, Episode #40, #70 and the latest #110: Read all the articles on higher protein and satiety foods, How & Why More Protein, Dr. Bret Scher is a good, well prepared interviewer.

Bett Lucas is a relatively unknown in the nutrition space. Her audience is busy moms with no nutritional background. She asks good Beginner questions, clear, simple, easy tips, including his top advice to women on how to eat more protein (egg whites, LF dairy, protein powders) Three interviews, listen in date order: (ETA: 12/22 listened to Ask the Doctor, part 1 &2, and the #1 solution to Obesity again today…I had picked up many simple tips from these interviews with Dr Naiman on how to let go of the LC dogma, before I read his book. The book is only $20 as a Kindle e-book, $10 if a DietDoctor member, Good article and coupon code:

Dr Gabrielle Lyon, another protein expert:

Dr Fit & Fabulous, practical tips:

The Optimal Protein Podcast, formerly known as Fast Keto/Ketogenic Girl with Vanessa Spina. The new Protein series, starting 2022, includes Ted Naiman and Marty Kendall. Find her in your Podcast store, first Ted Naiman interview, 7/29/2021.

MetFlex and Chill with Rachel Gregory, Min 42:30-50…why "Keto" treats are bad. Good explanation of "Carb Hunger"..why 20% carb works better than 0-5%. Minute 33 explains carb hunger and macros he uses, minute 38 a detailed take down of VLC, carb hunger, why every macro is on a U-shaped curve if you want metabolic flexibility.

Another good basic interview on How to Prioritize Protein with Dr Naiman, on The Health Detective Podcast with Susan Birch.

More podcasts with Dr Naiman: Boundless Body Radio, episode 45 and 281.

Peak Human w. Brian Sanders: Episode 60. P:E Diet for weight loss.

Bett Lucas also has two interviews with Marty Kendall on Data Driven Fasting, #46 and How to Optimize Your Nutrients and Health, #23

You can search your Podcast Store by their names and hundreds of podcast interview will now be in the results. Same on YT for videos. The examples above are just a few podcasts I thought clear and concise, the type that works with multitasking

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