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Thanks for the link. This publication definitely gets my attention. "Science" is a very loose term nowadays that too often represents a weapon used to support a philosophy of crusades, agendas and politics. It's disturbing realizing that there are other "science" crusades going on today that can be placed in this category; yet, we're on this forum for nutrition and healthy eating. Yes, Willett and Hu of PSPH, cited in many other threads in this forum, seem to be ever-present to trigger attacks when a narrative doesn't fit their view of dietary or metabolic health. This study simply researched obesity and published the findings that adjusted for obesity-related mortality. But it caused a firestorm of attacks from these jokers. Given the major worldwide increase in human obesity and the diseases associated with T2D, one would think that most dedicated scientists would want to get to the root cause of this riddle and would welcome challenges and corrections to previously published papers.

In the mean time, dynamics like this confuse the public and prevent any communication of agreed upon healthy practices to correct the serious health issues experienced worldwide today. How does the saying go? "Nero fiddled while Rome burned."
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