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Talking All I can say is...

THANK YOU! I'm only 27 and have struggled with IBS for years! And before ever even reading any of this info I tried LC/Atkins to loose weight! And found that sadly I didn't lose more than 10 pounds...BUT my IBS was SOOO much better! Wow for the first time in years I actually felt good! And I FELT thinner because I wasn't so bloated! I actually enjoyed leaving my house! I no longer had to lock myself in my room away from EVERYONE until my episodes went away! It was great! But I didn't yet realize that is was the LC helping my stomach! So frustrated that I wasn't loosing anymore weight, I went to Weight Watchers...which I do have to say is a great WOE for many people, but not for me! Within 2 days of eating that way ALL of my stomach problems came back! I was MISARABLE!!!!! I cried and was sooo frusterated! But then I started to think back on how good I felt on LC and no exageration within 2 days back on LC I felt great again!

Now every now and then I'll eat something LC that will upset my stomach, especially CarboLite products and sugar free chocolates and a few other things! But I do my best to avoid them because it's no longer about weight loss it's about living a happier, healthier and freeier life!

THANKS again for all of this info! I'm going to read more into the SCD to see if there are a few more things I can cut out to reduce the few episodes I still have!

You are all awesome in sharing your wisdom, experience, info and time to help others! PAT YOURSELFS ON THE BACK! ;0)
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