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Nicco that is wild you and I were on the same hours of crazy with the sleep last night.....ugh huh? I am moving slower this morning. stinks but what'ya gonna do....these nights happen.

very cool on the xmas music. I got it in my car right now. I like it around also so it reminds me of the holiday. Cause without that music it just seems like cold dead freezing time of the year to me and nothing special but the holiday music zips it up for me!

Jaz you had me laughing on your wedding story cause at 18 no one could get my azz down any darn aisle with a wedding gown on HAHA

I had no jitters. I was so calm on wedding day. Hubby was a mess, just wringing his hands and was funny as heck to me. But I was like 32 when I got married so lived together like 4 yrs, I knew what I was getting point blank and was more than happy with it so I lucked out in my scenario of it all

I think what got you on the traveling nurse is that it hit very fast. Yea you thought about it but never had time to 'set into it' and 'get super comfortable' in the brain with it......once you applied, boom they want ya and NOW.....I bet you thought you had time darn it.....but YOU WILL have US all the time. If you need to post and chat or send us all emails etc. you do just that. WE can keep you company for sure.

And when ya get there......ask the nurse staff or whomever you deal with what do they do? bowl? happy hour? anyone do a gym locally? GET yourself something to do.....get the local paper and see if anything is happening. You know, so you can feel a bit connected in any way to any one. That way you won't feel so just by yourself.

I think with your great outgoing personality you will fit in great and actually do very well in your new digs!

I so get you being worried but in all honesty.....if it sucks rocks and is horrible in any way......your azz comes home wihtout a thought about it all. You have a home. Safe place to land. You will be ok. You aren't going off with nothing as a safety anchor....just remember that. And you don't have to do anything you don't want to can back out as needed.

So with that in mind you find all the good ya can from it, experience it all best one can and see if it suits you and if it is a career you can hang onto for a while cause ya love it.

And they got ya for 13 weeks and with a low nurse pool like ya said, if you love it, they might extend ya another 13 etc.

hey the skies the limit here for you take full advantage of it and know if not great for you, you are clear to come back and settle again and do something else. You are tied in any way so that might make ya happier knowing you have options.

gotta ramp up to hit moms
off I be going LOL
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