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bonnie said
Why do people who promote cheese never bring up the fact that some of us are allergic to the protein in cheese?

This article was only a beneficial peice on cheeses. A complete understanding of cheeses and dairy would fill a tome.

My kids stopped drinking milk at meals years ago. Drinking good unfloridated well water. The one diwn fall was that is a very important source of vit D. Doc should have been blood testing my kids. One son now has bone issues.

And I dont think milk is for everyone. THAT is a book unto itself.

cow v. goat and sheep v. buffalo
holstein v jersey

A boatload of reasons to avoid dairy.I love cheeses but buy far less and try to buy EU sources.

There us talk of 25% tarif on parmesan cheeses imported from Italy. I plan to go to a cheese shop and see if a whole wheel is affordable. Otherwise a few wedges will be enough and put in freezer.
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