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Default Monk Fruit

Thanks WereBear,

Would love to try a Munk fruit soda.
We don't have the monk fruit sugar available here in Sweden yet.
What does it taste like when used as it is? In whipped cream f. i.?

Eagerly looking forward to experiment with summer beverages - LC slush ice, whipped cream and soda.
Love it. And milk and lemon shakes. Yummy and as healthy as possible.

Posted a thread about birch sugar (I used the gum for years, good for your teeth).
I only have it at the end of a main meal on occasion now. I am very careful with NAS and my precious gut flora.
I have been healed from gluten intolerance and many more issues I had in the past, thank God.

Xylitol/Birch Sugar - Recipes, Pros & Cons?

I have tried agave* (GI of 17) soda once. It was very tasty.
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