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Welcome Maria.

I'd like to second the point about mince, it's very versatile and is quick and easy enough to cook that even a kitchen novice like me can manage it! My preferred mince-based meal is with some canned tomatoes, mushrooms, zoodles, beef stock for flavour and some sour cream to top it all off.

There are plenty of recipes both here and elsewhere, such as or Take the time you need to figure out what your body seems to really appreciate the most, and the mind will likely follow.

One other suggestion I would make is that since you're on some medications, you'll probably want to maintain regular visits with your doctor as you go, so that you can track your progress together with a view to possibly reducing or eliminating those meds if/when it becomes apparent that they're no longer needed. I remember helping a lady in RL a couple of years ago who was able to do exactly that with her own cocktail of meds, so it can be done.

Good luck!
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