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Originally Posted by Zei
Epidemiological nutritional studies = healthy user bias. I recall reading someplace in the past about a vegetarian vs. meat eating epidemiological study someplace in Asia, Taiwan perhaps? No association between vegetarian diet and better health found like is in the U.S. Why? People were vegetarian for religious not health reasons. Americans tend to believe meat and saturated fat is bad so avoid it if trying to do numerous healthy things (that may actually be healthy things). The Asian people apparently had no such belief so no such finding. Interesting.

That is fascinating.

It's possible I'm an outlier from years of weight problems and low fat/high carb eating. Which is, itself, a warning about that health advice which dominated for decades.

But I'm doing well on a diet of meat, dairy, botanical & low sugar fruits, and not much else. Staying in Atkins Induction. The first time I've ever weighed what I should as an adult. Auto-immune issues gone into remission as long as I stick with it.

I'm sure 99% of these nutrition debaters would be horrified. But this isn't about my career or my beliefs.

It's about what works. And that's all. I can't see all those improvements as a sure road to killing me off!
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