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Ah, I've found the hidden discussion about Super Gut!

I get reflux in the night and following the Fast Tract diet pretty much stopped it. However, after reading Super Gut, I realised it's only treating the symptoms, not the cause.

I got the AIRE2 device (contrary to what Davis says in the book, it doesn't measure H2S) - my H was 8.5 after a 24 hour fast and before taking the fibre! - so pretty clear I've got SIBO.

I've been on Reuteri yogurt for a month or so (no noticeable difference except I now love home made yogurt - I use half heavy, half light cream). I'm now trying the yogurt/curcumin protocol for SIBO but only with Gasseri at the moment as that reads to be the most significant out of the 3 in the Super Gut yogurt. Also started brewing my green tea with ginger and cloves (makes it nicer to drink). If that fails, I'll try the herbal anti-biotics SIBO protocol.

It's not a cheap game (at least trying to get hold of stuff from the UK) and the inner circle is too extortionate for me. However, he does put some updates on the blog:
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