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To test how fat composition affects pancreatitis outcomes, researchers fed mice either a diet enriched with linoleic acid (an unsaturated fatty acid) or palmitic acid (a saturated fatty acid).

When the researchers induced pancreatitis in the mice, only 10 per cent of those on the linoleic acid diet survived after three days.

This compared with 90 per cent of those on the palmitic acid diet.
Other sources I've seen suggest the same thing, that too much linoleic acid is bad news for health and saturated fats, ironically the vilified ones, are actually much healthier.
Researchers have revealed that eating foods rich in saturated fats, including cakes, bacon and cheese, may reduce your risk of acute pancreatitis.

The US team analysed data from people in 11 countries on how different fats consumed by different nations either unsaturated or saturated are linked with the serious condition, where the pancreas becomes inflamed.

Saturated fat is found in butter, lard, fatty meats and cheese foods heavily consumed in western societies while unsaturated fats are mostly found in oils from plants and fish and are prevalent in Asian and some South American diets.

Cake as a saturated fat source? Most cakes are made with cheap linoleic acid rich seed oils, not good quality pricier ingredients like real butter. Conventional bacon and lard unfortunately also tends to be heavy on linoleic acid due to corn and soy (even organic) feeding of pigs. Ruminant animals like cattle convert the less healthy stuff into good saturated fats, so my dietary focus has shifted to butter/dairy and beef fats.
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