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Originally Posted by mio1996
Hmm, looks to me like they are advocating that folks should rush headlong into a way of eating that is as close to the old way of eating as possible without absolutely violating the rules of the Atkins plan; seems like the good doctor issued a warning about such things...
Originally Posted by Gypsybyrd
I'm in favor of a modified plan that will help people eat more healthy. If eating 40 carbs helps people lower their carb intake, then it would be a useful marketing strategy. However, fbased upon what I've read, I do not support this Atkins 40 as it is being marketed - with such an emphasis on processed and packaged foods. There may be a place for packaged/processed foods for some, and I do not believe that starting out with them will lead to success.

This is my problem with it. I wish they could be forced to break away from (mis)using the Atkins name. A different plan? Great, but don't compare it to the diet that Dr Atkins came up with. I look at the language he used in DANDR, for example, and he almost uses a scolding tone with how strict you're supposed to be. Induction is so hard, even I couldn't do it!! I'm not joking, and I've been successful at this for 12 years.

It's like they're mimicking Weight Watchers: let's sell people the idea that they can successfully lose weight without giving up their favorite foods (which made them fat and sick. But who cares, as long as we take their money?) Sugar and wheat are addictive, but let's sell them the idea that they can magically learn to moderate their intake, even though hardly anyone can do this easily long term.

Compare that to the Eadeses and Protein Power, with which I started out. Like this Atkins 40, they also start you out on a max of 40 g carb, but they also explain where that 40 g carb count should be coming from, and they ain't selling you pizza and candy.

I'll be interested in seeing the ingredients of the new Atkrap foods. I bet it's a lot of stuff I can't even handle in maintenance. I have a feeling that pizza crust ain't made of cauliflower.
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