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"The researchers also did not delve into why the later workouts might affect metabolism differently than earlier ones. But Dr. Schrauwen says he believes moderate afternoon exercise may have an impact on the foods we consume later in the evening and “help to faster metabolize people’s last meals” before they go to sleep. This effect could leave our bodies in a fasted state overnight, which may better synchronize body clocks and metabolisms and fine-tune health."

Nothing else, not a thing about meal timing other than a comparison of exercise in the morning and afternoon. So, if I eat two meals a day (which I do), and my first meal is around noon, would that mean that I eat less or metabolize my first meal faster? Much more to learn, but the most factual acknowledgement is that it's good to exercise at any time.

When did the study subjects eat? Three meals a day? When and how much did they eat before exercise regardless of exercise timing? So, they noted when these people did their workouts, but no data on eating time, food quantity or quality. This information is merely anecdotal, but it's published like it's authoritative. Now when the Covid coast is clear, we'll begin to see many NYT readers crowding gyms in the afternoons.
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