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Default So tragic and too soon!

I am heartbroken. I have written a lot on low carb on a mostly forgotten blog and I only WISHED that I could match her razor-sharp wit and the brillance of her writing. She was the Dorothy Parker of nutrition. Her Eathropology blog is still relevant and her unique perspective resonates throughout.

She also had a hand in creating a unique cookbook where the pages were split in thirds and each third was a specifc element for your plate. So you could take the first element from page 14, the second from page 95, and the third from page 46 and have a delightful and healthy meal combo that would be a good meal for anyone doing a lower carb lifestyle. Check it out on Amazon.

She was a unique voice and the world is a little less passionate, witty, and smart because she is no longer with us.

Condolences to her family.
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