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Default online shopping? (Canada)

just wondering where people are shopping these days. just went onto iherb to order some gelatin powder, nutritional yeast and d3 5000iu's and noticed that they've gotten rid of the 4$ flat rate shipping to canada. now that our dollar is so soft, it's getting a lot more expensive ordering from the states anyways.

i don't think we can actually get d3 5000iu's in canada anyways, so i might have to order it from stateside--has anyone had good luck from any of the other american online shops?

i've only ever really ordered from iherb, and as long as i've stayed under 80$ and under 4 lbs i've never gotten dinged with customs fees. i'm wary of ordering from companies that use shipping companies that charge brokerage fees, etc. (ups, dhl come to mind)--we've had bad experiences in the past with the fees costing more than the item.

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