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Originally Posted by dane
Alright. Maybe it's just a daydream of mine. When I make stuff, I just toss it on my digital scale. So I get 44g strawberries. When I go to enter it in FitDay, I have to estimate that it's approx 1 and 1/2 oz. It'd be nice to just pull down "grams" and type in 44. But if this creates a problem for your default listing, then never mind. I think I see my perfectionism kicking in.
ETA I don't need it set as the default, just as an option in the pull down menu.

This is actually available I thought you meant when displaying a list of results from a search.

To enter exactly 44 grams, simply select the 100 gram selection, and enter 0.44 in the amount box. This way it's exactly 44 grams.

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