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Default Workout...

30 minute yoga workout yesterday....always feels good. Did segment working on flow. One of my favorites because it makes me be mindful with no extra steps...just a nice soft flow from one pose to another.

We had such wonderful weather yesterday...the kind of days we just wish for on the coast. No wind, full sunny sky, warm.....the Hub and I walked down to the beach and spent about an hour walking...hardly a power walk but got sweaty anyway just walking briskly in the sand. Felt a little guilty we hadn't gotten down there more often (takes us all of about 3 minutes) but we just haven't had many days like yesterday...a few last winter but this Spring has been cold, windy and overcast most days. Lots of rain too. We're hoping we have many more days this summer like yesterday. It was a wonderful walk. As is usual on the Oregon coast we had the beach almost all to ourselves, just one other couple on a long sandy white beach.
Today I'll get my yoga in and some gardening...
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