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Default Unexpected Issue, Reduced appetite?

So I've been doing moderate carb this week, keeping net carbs in the 70g range, give or take a few. Because I've been a calorie counter for the past 7ish years I also know my calorie intake has been a little under my TDEE, which is good, (the weight loss I've seen this week has to be mostly water whoosh).

Then yesterday happened. Was hungry like normal at lunchtime but then after that NO hunger at all. It was a bit surreal and I had to be intentional about eating a light supper, just to get some calories in. Ended the day with no hunger/desire to eat and at around 28 net carbs. Problem is that my calorie intake was only around 700 calories, way too low for me with my stats. Down another pound this morning and I'm freaking out a little bit

Tom also started this morning which makes the whole thing even more unusual, because the day before I'm always starving and crave sweet stuff, (the only day of the month where I gravitate towards sweet foods). I even bought dark chocolate yesterday because I knew tom would be starting in the next few days and I wanted to be prepared, and now I'm so confused lol.

Is it normal when first starting a lower carb way of eating to not be hungry? One lower calorie day like yesterday isn't that big of a deal but I can't have it happen on a regular basis, just wouldn't be healthy for me.
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