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Originally Posted by WereBear
I am sure a lot of us have wondered about the fat & sugar combo that makes our trigger foods so irresistible.

This article by Dr. Cate comes from her participation in Quit Sugar Summit 2020, which took place in late spring.

Dr. Cate is, above all, fierce about the dangers of high-PUFA fats.

I got a dramatic improvement from my chronic inflammation issues when I started mindfully cutting down my own high-PUFA intake. I've cut out seeds themselves when they seemed to be part of my joint issues. I think this is highly pertinent to the low carb community. Our recognition of healthy fats must include things like mayonnaise, salad dressings, and other products which are low carb, but high-PUFA.

She goes into the science of it in the article, which has lots of other good info. So if we are counting carbs, fighting cravings, and baffled about a roadblock in our path, it just might be the "healthy" PUFA fats still lurking in our diet.

Good article, I've bookmarked it, as it's worth sharing. I like the differentiation between sugar craving and being metabolically driven to consume sugar. Back in my carb addicted days, I experienced hypoglycemia many times. It's a very useful and serious warning sign.
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