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Originally Posted by Bob-a-rama
For decades we have been told that high fat diets will kill us and we need to eat more grains.

Corporate agriculture spreads these lies in order to boost profits. After all corporations need perpetually increasing profits to keep the stockholders from jumping ship.

So they create bogus studies, and then give huge donations to entities that 'educate' the professionals and the population.

I know it sounds like a conspiracy theory, but it's TRUE. Corporations routinely do this. It always comes to lawsuits, and eventually the lies are uncovered. But it's a long struggle and in the meantime, they make far more money than the settlements ever come to.

The Ford Pinto had a famous problem with bursting into flames during an accident. I'm sure none of the higher executives at Ford drove Pintos. Problem -- for them -- solved. But the bigger picture is much more confusing to me.

Here we come to the amazing part: in a novel, there would be a secret cabal who eats the way we do. But that's not what is happening. They act like they believe their own propaganda in certain key ways.

Oh, I'm not saying they're vegan: unless they are pretending and it suits their purposes to do so. (And I think every most of the public vegans fall into this category. Look at the constant "outing" of vegans eating in public in ways they tell their followers not to.)

There are two paths to "health" in this country. One is to eat food pyramid and take pharmaceutical drugs to deal with the inevitable symptoms of chronic metabolic disease. The other is to eat with an eye towards low carb and good nutrition, and study any drugs we might take with some informed consideration.

What path is being taken by the people who are making all this money? I've seen the menus at the fancy restaurants. They eat plenty of grains and sugar along with the steaks. I'm sure they have excellent health care and they take the drugs their doctors prescribe.

They should know better... but they are still on the WRONG path. They are falling for what they are selling!
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