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Funny, I was just reading that article last night - it's definitely worth a read. Amy has a very easy refreshing humorous delivery and she is excellent at assimilating a bunch of info from a number of different sites and her own knowledge base.

I will be anxious to see if she has any new solutions - I'm guessing lower expectations, stay the course, eat for health will be a main theme.

And, yes, Debbie, she does show up on this site from time to time - she posted once or twice to a thread I used to frequent.

Amy has over the past couple of months posted a series called ITIS (It's the Insulin, Stupid) . It's 8 long parts but a really thorough look at insulin and insulin resistance. It gets pretty technical at times (in a satisfying way), but is still readable and occasionally humorous. One of the things I found interesting (and not as widely spoken about) is that it is unclear WHY insulin resistance develops - what comes first? Is it too many carbs that lead to insulin resistance or something further upstream, such as faulty glucagon receptors/signaling/response/whatever? For the most part, her thoughts are very much in line with Dr Fung's.
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