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It seems like the vegans have a very powerful lobbying group sending out tacit bribes in the form of contributions to governments and the UN.

As I've been saying for years ... there are zillions of acres of grasslands on the planet. Cows can feed on these grasslands with nothing added that mother nature doesn't provide. This land is not very fertile. To farm this land you would need extensive amounts of fertilizer, herbicides, insecticides, and our post precious limited resource, water. Plus you will need to use fuel guzzling, CO2 emitting farm machinery to cultivate it. A pound of beef on that land would pollute much less than a pound of lettuce.

According to Cornell University and the EPA making fertilizer emits 100 times more methane than all the cow farts and burps

And to the person who mentioned eggs. both eggs and fowl are high in arachidonic acid and should not be eaten with anyone who has arthritis.

Myself, DW and at least a half dozen friends went on the arthritis/bursitis diet and cured ourselves without medical intervention.

Besides, eggs aren't vegetarian. What vegetable produces an egg?

So fight back before they take our meat away. Spread the word. Going vegetarian is worse for the environment than a balanced omnivorous diet.

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